Meet Dr. Moore

Meet Dr. Moore

Dr. Moore has been a part of the Fair Oaks community for almost 20 years. Her daughter graduated from the Sacramento Waldorf School on Bannister Road, and many of her practice members are from the Waldorf family.

Dr. Moore has dedicated her life to helping others regain and maintain their health through natural healing. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of her practice members:

“I especially love working with families, knowing that these principles of healing can have a multi-generational effect. Teenagers are a particularly rewarding group to reach. They are old-enough to understand the concepts of natural healing and young enough to respond quickly to this approach. I know that if they incorporate these ideas into their daily lives, it can change their future and their children’s future: the ripple effect…”


In 1976, Dr. Moore graduated magna cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Her training was in Applied Kinesiology, an approach that incorporates principles of five-element acupuncture, manual muscle testing, whole food nutrition, and gentle corrective techniques (including cranial and extremity work). Over the last 46 years, Dr. Moore has taken additional seminars on extremity adjusting, nutrition, exercise and fitness, injury rehab, natural menopause, women’s health, aromatherapy (essential oils), digestive and immune enhancement, and pediatric health.

Since 1991, Network Spinal care has been a major addition to Dr. Moore’s approach to healing. Developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, this technique builds on the principles of Chiropractic established by Daniel David Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic. Dr. Palmer taught that the health of the human body depends on the tone and clarity of the nervous system, and that, without interference, the body has an inborn wisdom that knows when to heal, what to heal, and how to heal. Chiropractic removes the interference to the flow of this “innate intelligence”.

Classes and Seminars

Dr. Moore offers classes for her practice members and the community on topics that involve a natural approach to health and well-being. She believes that it is important for everyone to take responsibility for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health by learning about ways to live a vibrant lifestyle.

Recently, Dr. Moore began teaching other health practitioners how to incorporate natural medicines from plants as one of their modalities. Lay people and health professionals who want to learn more about the use of essential oils are invited to attend an introductory class on using essential oils for family and friends, and/or to jump in and take the full, year-long certification course: The Power of Plant Oils. Whether you use this information for your own knowledge, or to help others, it’s an awe-inspiring experience to discover the gifts that Nature has to offer.

“The more I teach, the more I learn; the more I learn, the more reverence I have for the wonders of Nature and the intricacy and connectedness between humans, plants, and animals.  It gives me great pleasure to expose others to this magical realm.”

“Come fly with me to the land of holistic aromatology to discover the awesome Power of Plant Oils.” – Dr. Moore


Dr. Moore consults with area hospitals on the safe and effective application of essential oils in the emergency room, operating room, and on the medical floors. She also provides training to nurse educators, hospital staff, and floor nurses on the correct usage and contraindications of essential oils. Please contact Dr. Moore directly for possible training programs and consulting fees. Health professionals who wish to use essential oils with patients are urged to become certified through Dr. Moore’s 13 month, Power of Plant Oils certification course.

“Nature’s medicines should be given the same respect as man-made pharmaceuticals. Maybe more.”

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