Aromatic Chiropractic

One Day Seminar - 12 CE Units

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$210 in advance
$225 at the door
$179 early bird discount (date will be set when a class is scheduled)

Includes coffee, tea and organic lunch(feel free to bring your own snacks)

Cancelation policy Before 1 week prior to event: full refundAfter 1 week: 50% refund

Enhance and expand your chiropractic techniqueand practice with the ancient practice of aromatherapy in this powerful one-day course.

Essential Oils are Nature’s medicine, a gift from the natural world to support and enhance healing. More concentrated than herbs, they offer an alternative to medication for pain relief, immune system support, hormonal balancing, mood alteration, and general well-being. They not only surround us with a wonderful aroma, but research has shown that they have the power to relieve headaches, chest congestion, fatigue, stress, allergies, depression, insomnia, indigestion, cuts, sunburn, arthritis pain, and some chronic medical conditions.

Peer-reviewed research papers in the thousands confirm the health benefits of essential oils. These natural aromatic plant compounds have been used around the world for centuries for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits – long before people became reliant on synthetic prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Many hospitals are beginning to incorporate essential oils in their emergency rooms and on their medical floors. Patients are asking for alternatives to addictive pharmaceuticals that come with side effects and a hefty price tag. Our profession should be on the leading edge of this modality. We are THE drug-free, natural medicine doctors. If you already use herbs and nutritional supplements, then you know the amazing healing properties of plants. Essential oils are just one more tool for you to have in your tool kit to support the important work you do every day in your office.

Participants will come away with basic knowledge of how to use volatile plant oils to enhance their chiropractic technique in the office and as a take-home modality for patient use between visits.

No class scheduled as this time.

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