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Hormone Balancing

For over fifteen years, Dr. Moore has been helping her practice members navigate hormonal changes with ease and grace. With nutritional suggestions, supplementation when necessary, essential oils, and gentle chiropractic care, she offers a comprehensive approach to alleviating the discomfort of cyclic transitions such as PMS and menopause/andropause.

For over five years, Dr. Moore has also been using hair tissue mineral analysis to determine the effects of stress on the endocrine system and to give a precise road-map for bringing the body back into balance. Stressors of all kinds can add to the burden on the endocrine glands and can result in a myriad of confusing symptoms that may appear to be unrelated. Many degenerative conditions such as autoimmune dysfunction, blood sugar challenges, heart irregularities, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue develop over time as a result of prolonged, unrelenting stress. Nutritional balancing, using the results of the hair analysis as a guide, is the most effective program for regaining the health of the endocrine system, including the male/female hormones.

Dr. Moore also provides consultations to help individuals read and understand their blood hormone panels using a system developed by Dr. Dan Purser, a preventive medicine doctor from Utah. He recommends plant-derived progesterone and other natural products, to balance both men’s and women’s hormones.


Consultations are as follows:

Consultations are based on time, at a rate of $50.00 per half hour. A typical initial consultation may take a half hour to one hour to complete, with a comprehensive health history and time for questions.

For a complete hormone panel, take our requisition form (available from Dr. Moore) to one of LabCorp’s blood draw facilities. They will send your results to Dr. Moore (with a copy to you if you request it). Call our office to make an appointment for a consultation if you need assistance in interpreting the results and if you would like Dr. Moore’s suggestions for an appropriate plan of recovery.

If you would prefer Dr. Moore’s opinion about treatment options BEFORE you obtain a blood test, please call the office for an appointment. A full blood panel can be expensive and not necessarily the most appropriate choice in all situations. The hair test may provide us with enough information at a considerably smaller cost.

Please see hair analysis fees here.

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