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Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is an invaluable screening tool that allows for the creation of a precise program of diet and supplementation for each individual’s specific needs. It provides a metabolic blueprint with a high degree of scientific accuracy.

A hair test is made from a small sample of hair from the back of your head. It is sent to the lab (Analytical Research Labs in Arizona) and the lab analyzes it to determine the different amounts and ratios of the minerals in your hair. These represent the levels and ratios in the tissues of your body as opposed to the minerals in your blood. Tissue levels tell us what your body is doing with the nutrients you ingest. Blood levels tell us how much is available for your use. By testing the minerals in your tissues and organs, we can determine the health and status of those organs.
This test also screens for the presence of toxic metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, and cadmium.

With this information, we can formulate a program of supplementation that is designed to return your body to homeostasis (balance). This is different than prescribing a mineral replacement program. Just because a certain mineral is low on your hair test does not mean it should be supplemented. Conversely, just because a mineral level is high doesn’t meant it should be eliminated from your diet. The test results reflect your body’s ability to metabolize the food you eat as well as the status of your cells. The presence or absence of nutrients in your cells or in your blood do not indicate a need for supplementation through replacement. They do determine which nutrients may be required to return your body to a state of balance.

The Importance of Minerals

Why do we test for minerals? Because minerals regulate your glands and they control the chemical processes that release the energy from the food that you eat. When your mineral levels are balanced, your endocrine system and your nervous system have the nutrients that they need to function at their peak. It’s not enough to have your nervous system cleared of interference (although this is critical), you must also provide the building blocks for creating a healthy body and for running that body efficiently.

Most of us think of minerals as being necessary for strong bones and teeth, but they do much more. In addition to providing us with shape and support for our skeleton, minerals are the “spark of life.” They are essential in the diet and each plays unique and often multi-faceted roles as it acts at all levels – cells, tissues, organs, and systems. All of our body processes depend upon the action of minerals to activate the enzymes which perform functions we take for granted.

Without proper mineral ratios we cannot facilitate the function of enzymes, vitamins or amino acids. These elemental components are responsible for every activity in every cell of our bodies. Cellular functions require a particular chain of events that starts with minerals. Without the proper minerals we could not blink an eye or form a thought.

Mineral Deficiencies

The lack of specific minerals can precipitate both acute and chronic health problems. Sudden heart attacks occurring during physical activity are often the result of low potassium and magnesium at the cellular level. Your physical health is directly dependent on your cellular health. Everything begins and ends with the cell.

Some chronic and acute health problems associated with lack of a certain mineral or minerals are:

1. Osteoporosis
2. Heart disease
3. Cancer
4. Arthritis
5. Goiter
6. Gastrointestinal disorders
7. Periodontal disease
8. Anemia

In fact, many nutritionists believe that most human ailments can be caused by chronic nutrient deficiencies. Some diseases are contracted via direct exposure to bacteria, virus, amoebas or other pathogens, but an optimally functioning immune system can defend us from these pathogenic invaders. It requires a proper mineral balance to keep your immune system strong and healthy. Mineral deficiencies such as low zinc, selenium, silica, and sulfur, which occur as a result of poor diet or excess stress, can put your health at risk.

The program of mineral analysis that we use at Vibrant Health! was developed and perfected by Dr. Paul Eck, a man who devoted his life to mineral and biochemical research. Though Dr. Eck has passed on, we are fortunate to have the experience and guidance of Dr. Larry Wilson, one of his protegés. Dr. Wilson studied with Dr. Eck for over 13 years and helped him write many of his treatises on mineral analysis. (For more information on Dr. Larry Wilson, please click here:

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