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Molecules of Emotion

Candace Pert, Phd wrote about the molecules of emotion that are created in response to our life’s experiences. These molecules of emotion are called neuropeptides, or nervous system proteins and each emotion has a specific neuropeptide. When an emotion is not fully processed and released, our bodies have to find a place to put the corresponding neuropeptide.

Dr. Pert’s research demonstrated that particular neuropeptides bind to receptor sites at predetermined levels of the spinal cord, and in a specific, major organ of the body. For example, neuropeptides associated with fear bind to the atlas or 1st cervical region and to the kidney and bladder. Neuropeptides associated with anger tend to latch on to cells between C4 and C6, and to the liver.

Meanwhile, Dr. Donald Epstein, a Chiropractor, discovered the same phenomenon in his Chiropractic office. In addition, Dr. Epstein demonstrated through clinical trial that these emotional neuropeptides could be accessed and released with very gentle touches in a particular sequence along the spine at the attachment points of the dentate ligaments. Dr. Epstein developed and taught this process to other chiropractors and the science of Network Spinal Analysis was born.

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